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Lifeline Enterprises Inc. now offers the Livstyle

Welcome to Livstyle.

The Most Thorough Personality Assessments on the Market.

Our bestselling profiles and facilitation materials are trusted by thousands of couples, individuals and organizations to create solutions for team-building, communication, conflict management and more. These powerful tools are now available online for you to use with family, friends, your church or organization.

As contributing author of the Biblical Facilitators Guide for Inscape Publishers, Luke has had years of experience using assessment tools and highly recommends them. Take advantage of individual coaching, organization wide team building, conflict management and consulting services.

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Teamwork can be a challenge.
Learn to work better together with Livstyle.

Livstyle Visual Personality Portraits provide a holistic and accurate picture of what motivates, challenges, inspires and rewards you – while giving you the tools to understand and serve others more effectively. We’ve developed the broadest and most comprehensive personality assessments on the market while maintaining validity and reliability. Each Visual Personality Portrait contains nine distinct dimensions that break down your results into visual, usable information.

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